When properly constructed and fit, thong underwear is the most comfortable panty a woman can wear. In 2006, Katie combined her sewing skills, background in anatomy/kinesiology and interest in fitness to design a comfortable women's thong panty in stretch cotton. It is available in multiple sizes at http://www.everybodywear.com/.


Teen and Pre-Teen Girls

At what age is a girl old enough to wear thong underwear? Certainly this is a question parents must discuss and many dads will simply say, "never." Even so, certain snug-fitting sports uniforms like volleyball shorts force the conversation and Dad might need to relent.

To begin, consider which brand of thong underwear you would allow her to wear. Do you really want your daughter running around in "Hanky Panky?" Probably not. Although the Hanky Panky thong is made in USA, most styles are low, lacy and named to suggest activities more related to removing them than wearing them. The price is also a drawback at $18-$37 per pair.

Prices are considerably lower for Victoria's Secret, but so is the quality. Expect these imports to fall apart in the wash, and good luck finding anyone who finds them to be comfortable.

Cosabella makes some lovely imported thongs, but they are low cut, synthetic and even more expensive than Hanky Panky. Jockey has a few sportier and more affordable styles, but they are also low-cut and made of synthetic fibers.

Everybodywear women's thong underwear is the clear winner for teen and pre-teen girls. Made of comfortable and hygenic stretch cotton, its modest front panel rises just under the navel. Leg openings are edged in stretch-satin, and a 3/4-inch covered waistband anchors the garment firmly in place for a smooth, comfortable fit. Everybodywear is made in USA.

The everybodywear team of fit testers and style advisers includes young wearers between the ages of 12 and 18. They enthusiastically report the everybodywear thong panty to be "super-comfortable" and appreciate being able to wear everybodywear in a busy locker room without feeling embarrassed.

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